Monday, February 28, 2011

A season of change

“Change” it seems is the hope...the desire that America has embraced. Change is good. Change is needed...and change is contagious. Some may feel that this word “change” has been loosely thrown around and/or overused with a stale foundation or state of mind. Some are still holding on with every last-standing ounce of hope and strength. Holding on for the better days...for the simpler days...and ultimately for peace. I personally believe that change is a phenomenon that spreads itself from a universally galactic state spiraling straight down to even the molecular level and demanding attention. Change is beautifully illustrated in the cycle of adaption that this planet evolves and spins within. This illustration is what we call the “Seasons”. A season is clearly defined by the shift in color, in weather, in the response of the planet, and the nostalgic emotions that spring forth from the soul of a human being. Of course, my friends....this change is conducted and produced by God the father...the ONE, true GOD!

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