Friday, September 11, 2009

Coffee shops

I moderately watch T.V. and I occasionally read the newspaper. I see how America tends to fall into routines just like the assembly of the seasons that cycle for our needs and pleasures. I honestly hate this...and I don't even really know why. I always play the scene over in my mind from the Matrix where Neo wakes up at his computer and begins to have this conversation with someone who seems to finally have answers to his many questions. Everyday i watch and see people that repeatedly live a life that is ran and controlled by a simple routine....I then constantly tell myself "I will never be like that" (as I'm sitting in a coffee shop with an americano and a scone while getting work done on the local WIFI and thinking that I'm so different from the rest of the world cause I get away from home to do my work!!). I then humbly realize that I fall directly into the same category that I am currently loathing. Well, I guess routines can be good. They are good in certain circles. I just long to be different....that I soon find myself in a group of people just like me repeating our own routine. Let it be...Let it be. So I sign off by sending a shout out to my fellow buddies practicing a similar routine....I'll see you at the next Rendezvous....

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  1. Really appreciate your post! I've had that very same oops type of revelation regarding my routines which I used to think were somehow different than those of others. What I've come to realize is that the difference in my routine matters so little compared to maybe the difference in the condition of my heart while rolling through my routine and living out my days. We long to be different and we are - thankfully not because of our routines but because of the heart relationship we have with a Lord that wants to be present with us in ever part of life. That constant in my life and in the heart of every follower of Christ is so very calming and invigorating all in one breath. Again - thanks for posting this and blessings to you in your ministry brother!!!


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