Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Free Music!

Trying out these mp3 players...and it allows for me to give away some free music! So, it's a win, situation! (-:

You can download "Grow, grow", "Philippians ch. 2" or "Colossians ch. 1"...or all three!

so, if you're interested...just click on the "Free song" button on the mp3 players to the left here.

God Bless!

~Mckendree Augustas


  1. Thank you. However, when I click the "Free song" icon an error displays: "Unrecognizable email format."

  2. you mind me asking what email server you are using?

  3. Dude it was "User error." (PEBKAC: Problem exists between keyboard and chair) Sorry for the hassle. I am listening to the song now. It is quite beautiful. Thank you for sharing!